General Rules

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General Rules

Mensaje por Zuko el Mar Dic 01, 2015 5:26 pm

In order to make the communication among community users and management, appropriate and neat, you should respect these rules:

No obscene content, sexual, cursing/hate or illegal material.
Use proper language. Both SMS and Chat writing forms are unacceptable.
No spam/advertising. Do not make pointless topics or one-liners.
No trolling or flaming. Keep personal arguments off of the forums.
Do not bump old topics unnecessarily, if a topic is down for over a month or older, make sure you add something significant to the discussion before posting.

If any user breaks these rules, suitable actions will be taken. Please DO not back-seat moderate because that is our job. Finally, if you have any questions about these rules or a particular situation, feel free to ask to any Staff member via PM and we will do take care of it. Keep in mind, which these rules serve to keep the forum in order and organized.

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